Saturday, December 15, 2018

Christmas Ornaments that were Fluid Painted


Brena`'s Unicorn


for TJ


for Jamie

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Angel Wings

I've been trying my hand at making
new crafts.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

A Painting for Cyndi

Here's a fluid painting that I did for my half brothers' partner
who is suffering from cancer. 

Friday, December 7, 2018

An Update on Life...

Well I've finally updated my blog with cards, candles & crafts. Now it's time for chatting. I'm not going to start at the beginning of the year because my old brain doesn't remember that far back and we’ve had a few bouts of health issues, LOL!

June’s a good place to start. My sons have both moved up to 100 Mile House in the interior. They have property up there and decided a change of scenery would be good for all of them. This includes my oldest Matt, his brother Mark, Mark’s wife Rachel and their daughter (our granddaughter) Madison. Since they made the move I’ve missed them terribly but they’re all doing well there so it’s a good thing.

A year and a half ago I joined and have had some good success with finding cousins. They’re scattered throughout Canada and the states but I’ve been lucky enough to find and meet one! We were able to meet her just after Father’s Day, spent 5 hours just talking and making a great connection. She’s a lovely gal, is married and has 3 beautiful kids. I was quite ill over the summer so we didn’t meet up again until I was up and around but we chatted through FB, email and phone.

Turns out the end of June I had pneumonia and in the middle of July through beginning of Sept I thought I had cold/flu but it turns out I have COPD. We’ll just add that to all the other health issues. I’m on a steroid inhaler as well as a regular one and that seems to help me.

Since I’ve been feeling better I’ve been having lunches again with my younger sister, our niece and her little one on a regular basis. Sometimes I invite them individually as it’s nice to get alone time with them. This past Friday I had my niece and her family come for dinner. On Tues my older sister came for lunch, we enjoyed grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. It's time for my younger sister to come for lunch. Maybe next week, if she's feeling ok.

Not a lot happens in our lives, we sort of just tootle along together. Today we were at the Dollar Tree and met a lovely gal. We got to talking about crafts and fluid painting. She does essential oils and gave me her card. I’ll be checking her website tomorrow. She’s going to check out my blog hence all the updating I’m doing, LOL! We saw our usual check out gal and had a good chat with her. I showed her pictures of the crafts we’ve been making as well as the jewelry I’ve made. She has graciously said she’d post them on her Instagram and try to sell them for me!

The next few weeks are going to be busy. We have a few weekend outings, I have a girl’s dinner to attend in the middle of the month and hopefully our kids make it down for a dinner out. Then it’s Christmas. I’m hoping like crazy we don’t get snow! I want to have my dad, brother and 2 of my sisters over for lunch on Christmas Eve. On Christmas day we head over to my older sister’s home and enjoy lunch there.

So that’s about it for now. I’m going to be doing some fluid painting and making jewelry this week and will do my best to keep my blog updated.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Christmas Crafts

Hubby and I tried our hand at a
few crafts this year.

 our first mesh wreath
 lantern made from picture frames
 reindeer and bling
 snowman centerpiece 
 our snowman needs some frost
 blue ribbon poinsettia
red/silver ribbon poinsettia
gold ribbon poinsettia

Jewelry I've made

Candles I Made

for Madison
for Bev
for Carol
for Sher
for Dorothy
for Lyn
for Marilyn
for Rachel
for Nikki
for Tracey