Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mother's Day Cards

card for Norma

card for Molly

card for Bev

card for Lyn

card for Sher

card for Karen

card for Sue

card for Rosie

card for Pat

card for Lynn

card for Elfrieda

card for Angie

card for Georgette

Easter Cards

purple Happy Easter card made w/cricut

single bunny Easter card

3 bunny Easter card

Elias' Easter 'tag' card

Liam's Easter 'tag' card

Kaylie's Easter 'tag' card

Courtenay's Easter 'tag' card

Colton's Easter 'tag' card

Cassidy's Easter 'tag' card

Alex's Easter 'tag' card

Birthday Cards

Thomas turns 5 in Oct/07

lift the window tab and there's Thomas!

Cassidy turns 3 and loves purses!

Dorothy turns 35

for Carol

Happy Birthday, Lyn

Happy Birthday, Emma (40th!)

Happy Birthday, Kim

I added a black polka dot purse
gem to this card

Happy Birthday, Rene`

general birthday card

Happy Birthday, Laurie

hot pink dress general birthday card

I made this card for my
Auntie Pat who is turning 90!

Happy Birthday, Barb turns 65!

Happy Birthday to Xi Gamma Chapter

Birthday card - general

Birthday card - general

Birthday card - general

Happy Birthday, Pat Mc.
in New Zealand

the pink butterfly & roses are from Yvonne in New Zealand

Happy Birthday, Ted

Happy Birthday, Sydney

medallion birthday card

Happy Birthday, Sher

Happy Birthday, Jacquie

Happy Birthday, Tracey

Happy Birthday polka dot gift

Happy Birthday pink gift

Happy Birthday white gift

Happy Birthday gold gift

Happy Birthday bronze gift

Happy Birthday corragated pink gift

Happy Birthday Flora

Happy Birthday Uncle Freddie

Happy Birthday Rita

Happy Birthday blue gift

Happy Birthday blue striped gift

Chantel turns 11

Alex turns 6

Happy Birthday cake

Happy Birthday gold gift

Happy Birthday Bev

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday - male -

Happy Birthday shoes & purse
This card was published in the March 2007 issue of Making Cards Magazine which is based in the UK

Happy Birthday Thomas

Happy Birthday Jim

Happy Birthday Jason

Happy Birthday Linda B.

Happy Birthday Deb P.

Happy Birthday Colton

Martini Time!

Happy Birthday Andrea