Thursday, June 26, 2014

A New Home

My Aunt has sold her family home and bought a townhouse. I made this card for her to celebrate her move.

"Re-Vamped" Cards

Here are some cards that I have re vamped. I received some really nice cards for my last birthday and have taken the 'toppers' of some of them and put them onto new cards.
bug car, I added the flowers, some gems and the lid for the gift

pretty shoe card placed on Happy Birthday background, added ribbon & a butterfly

black & white butterfly card, added a ribbon & some pearls

autum card, redid the sentiment & added the pearls

girlfriends birthday, added the butterfly

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Thank You Card

This is the Thank You card I made for my secret sister who has been remembering me over the past year.

A Handmade Teacup

So tomorrow night is our revealing night and I'm so excited because this year I've actually come up with some great hint gifts for my secret sister! I have 5 gifts for her to open. Hint#1 will be some cheese because I'm on scrapbook, Hint#2 will be a stamp again because I'm on scrapbook, Hint#3 will be a fashion ring because I wear them, Hint#4 will be this handmade teacup and Hint#5 will be the exploding Friendship box that I posted in an earlier post.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Card for Aidan

In this card group I belong to on Facebook there's a lady whose son is have brain surgery today. He's only 16 years old! That's just so sad. I am such a lucky lady in that I've never had to experience anything like what she must be going through. Both my sons are healthy as are my grandchildren .... "there for the Grace of God goes I".
In our group we have the wonderful opportunity to be able to send a card if we wish, all we need to do is ask for her address. So of course I wanted to send him one. I also wanted to make and send her a Thinking of You card because she must just be beside herself with worry.
I think the young man will get a lot of Get Well wishes, here is mine.

he enjoys fishing

this is for his mom

flower card boxes

Here are a couple more flower card boxes. This time they're personalized. One is filled with pictures of baby Charlotte and the other one is filled with pictures of Madison.

Charlotte's flower card box

Madison's flower card box

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Charlotte's Exploding Birthday Cake Box

My great niece, Charlotte is celebrating her 1st birthday this July so thought I'd make her (& her mom) an exploding cake box. This time I made some pockets and tucked a few pictures of her at different stages over the past year starting when she was born to just a couple of weeks ago when she's standing (with help).

this is the end product

you can see some of the pics here

open box with lid

close up on the cake

closed box

close up on balloons

Saturday, June 7, 2014

secret sister hint gift

So it's the end of our Sorority year and time for our girls dinner and revealing night. That's where we go out for dinner (Chinese this year), then back to one of our sister's home for dessert. We'll also give hint gifts to see if our secret sister can figure out. We also receive our new secret sister, yeah!
Below is an exploding box with a smaller box inside.

Friday, June 6, 2014

a birthday card for Noel

We have a little fellow that lives across the street from us named Noel who is turning 4 on Sunday.
He is a very smart little guy, chatty and pleasant so thought I'd make him a birthday card

 I tucked Happy Birthday inside the envelope

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Madison's Goodies

I adore my little 5 1/2 year old granddaughter, Madison and love making things for her as well.
So of course when I find things that I think she'll like I make them for her. First here's a picture of my Madison
Madison at Easter
 now here's her goodies
an exploding card box

an exploding cake box

an exploding purse

Anniversary Gift

This is another first for me, an exploding cake box I made this for my niece and her hubby. They'll be celebrating their 2nd Anniversary at the end of this month.

Exploding Card Boxes

this new card site has really opened up my creative side more, below are some exploding card boxes

this is the first box I made & I sent it to my granddaughter, Nikki

I made this one for my Sorority Sister, Karen who celebrated 30 years in BSP

I made this one for my Sorority Sister, Barb who celebrated 30 years in BSP

I made this one for Cindy who is battling brain cancer

a cute purse

I just joined this new card site. The ladies have made some wonderful things there and one of them was an exploding purse. Here's my mine.

Father's Day Card

With Father's Day coming up soon, this is the card I made for my Dad

birthday cards

anniversary cards