Friday, January 30, 2009

Hi everyone,
Here are a few cards that I made a last weekend and now that I'm blogging, thought I'd give loading pictures and blogging at the same time a try. It hasn't been easy and it's taken me a very long time to do! Whew, but it's done....for now. I was going to add some of the Valentine cards but I think I'll wait for a bit, need to have a cup of tea before I tackle this again, LOL
hugs, Valerie

I mentioned in an earlier post that I really enjoyed watching Dawn's tutorials. I saw this and just had to try it. I'm a girly girl and love pretty dresses, shoes, purses.... and it seems I'm into blues right now.

This is a double flap card, again from Dawn's tutorial. I like how this turned out, but I think next time I'd use smaller brads, it's a bit stiff to open.

This is called a secret panel card that I made for my grandson, Sebastian.

I got the idea from Dawn's tutorial. It's not made exactly like I watched on the video. By using her measurements I just could not get mine to work, (sorry Dawn!) so I made it bigger and I'm happy how it turned out. And I'm sure my grandson will love it.

this is as you open the card...

this is the 'secret panel' middle of the card

this is the inside back

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