Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day cards, May/09

Hi everyone,
I haven't posted in quite awhile even though I've
been busy making cards.
I lost my mom a number of years ago, so now I send
cards out to my family and friends.

I made these little boxes for a Mother's Day gift to give
our guests at Mom's Brunch. I put a teabag and 2 biscuits inside.
for Angie (mgc)
for Donna (mgc)
for Chris (mgc)
for Karen (mgc)
for Bev (mgc)
for Flora (mgc)
for Kim (mgc)
for Rosie (mgc)
for Rachel
for Tracey
for Kimmy
for Jacquie
for Rene
for Jilly
for Sandy
for Nellie
for Marie
for Lynnette
for Linda B
for Lulu
for Evelyn
for Laurie
for Elsie
for Yara
for Karen's mom
for Janice
for Georgette
for Andrea's mom
I made these fan cards for my chapter


Lilacanglia said...

They are all tremendous cards Val,

Donna said...

Wow! When you get busy you get lots done. Wish I had that much time! Wonderful job!