Monday, June 15, 2009

A Busy Weekend

Our weekend has been really busy with grandchildren! What a fun time I've had. We have lovely and well behaved grandchildren, also very talented too.
On Sunday Alex and Thomas made Father's Day cards.
Alex (9 1/2) made this card for his dad for Father's Day
inside Alex' card
Thomas (6 1/2) made this card for his dad for Father's Day
inside Thomas' card
baby Madison really wants to walk
baby Madison, 8 months now, she just loves all the attention!
On Saturday Alex and Thomas came for a movie (Marley & Me) and sleepover.
brother's Alex and Thomas with their cousin baby Madison
Alex (9 1/2)
Thomas (6 1/2)
On Saturday Courtenay came for lunch with her gramma Lyn and Grampa Norman.
niece Courtenay (10) with baby Madison
On Friday baby Madison and her brother Sebastian came for a sleepover. We watched a couple of movies too. (Buzz Lightyear)
she's such a happy baby
Sebastian and baby Madison
Sebastian (8)


Lilacanglia said...

Beautiful cards,
and children,
thank you for sharing such lovely photos.

Linnie said...

What fab cards they made the children are just soooo cute thankyou for sharing your wonderful weekend with us

Lora said...

All the children are gorgeous and so are the card the boys made.
I have been looking at the cards you have been making too (in previous posts) and you have some real stunners there!
Lora xx

Anonymous said...

Your grandchildren are beautiful -- thank you for sharing their photos with all of us. The cards you made with the boys for Father's Day are beautiful, and I love how they personalized them inside.