Saturday, February 27, 2010

With Sympathy

Hi everyone!
A few days ago I received a phone call from my oldest son to let me know that his Uncle Ron had passed away from a heart attack (on my ex's side). I feel really sad for his wife, Susan and although I hadn't been in touch with them for a long time, I'd recently re connected with Susan.
I've always kept in touch with my (ex...sometimes I hate that word, I'm not going to use it again in this post) mother in law, sending her cards and notes throughout the year. So it was with great saddness that I had to make these 2 sympathy cards. I can't imagine what they are each going through, 1 has lost her husband of many years and the other has lost another son! How very, very sad.
for my mother in law, Nellie
for my sister in law, Susan


Lilacanglia said...

Hi Val,

Have been having a lovely time catching up on all your wonderful cards, you are a true inspiration,
Sorry I have not been about much, I have been thinking of you,
I am sorry to say that my little package has not turned up, but please do not send any more, the post over here just lately is utter rubbish,
Hope you and Ted are well,
Angie xx

Donna said...

Wow! These are amazing. Simply lovely cards, Val. I think you get better all the time. When I grow up I want to make cards like you do! LOL. Hope you are well and you are running around. Hugs!