Monday, May 10, 2010

Celebrating Mother's Day

No cards today. Once again it’s all about family. We had a Mother’s Day BBQ here at home. My oldest son Matt came, my youngest son Mark, his fiancée Rachel, baby Madison, (who by the way is almost 19 months! How did that happen, LOL! In just over 5 months she’ll be 2!!) and the rest of her siblings Chris, Jordan, Sebastian, Jesse, Kassandra and Matt. My step daughter Tracey and her sons Alex and Thomas also joined us. We had a wonderful day, the sun came out, the kids had water balloon fights, played ball, then practice jumping over our low front fence. Madison had fun just being outside with the rest of the kids. Mark went round to our little corner store and bought everyone bubblegum ice cream cones! (I’m not ‘into’ bubblegum so gramma said no thanks!) I was a very lucky mom today, my step daughter Tracey bought me a lovely pink flowering hanging basket, Mark & Rachel also bought me a lovely purple flowering hanging basket and my darling hubby bought me some pretty tulips. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers! On the menu today my hubby BBQ'd chicken breast, beef wieners and hamburgers. We had corn on the cob, baked potatoes with sour cream, raw veggies, grapes and strawberries and the usual chips and cheesies. My darling hubby went out this morning to get the shopping in for me and also bought 2 types of cake, a Black Forest and a white one, yummm!! Good food, wonderful company and a great day. I thought I’d be taking loads of pictures today but was so busy with everything and everyone that I just took a few, LOL! I hope everyone enjoyed their special day no matter where you live or whether you’re a ‘mom’ to kids, pets or hubby’s! LOL... Hugs, Valerie
Madison sitting backwards on her race car
Madison standing in this diry old wagon, LOL!
loading up the wagon
having her first try at corn on the cob! yummy
reading a book quietly with her papa
hugging her baby doll and having a good laugh with her papa
kissing her baby doll
oh so pretty tulips from my darling hubby, Ted
lovely pink hanging basket from my stepdaughter, Tracey and her 2 boys
lovely purple hanging basket from Mark, Rachel and family


Anonymous said...

Hi Valerie the flowers are lovely! And Madison is getting so big. Looks like you had a great day.

jo said...

hi valerie,
wow stunning photos , you butterfly card is soo stunning :) huggs jo x