Tuesday, May 25, 2010

our visit with Madison

Hi everyone, well it’s been a week since we had our little granddaughter Madison come for a visit for a few days. It’s taken me a while to put words to paper about our lovely visit. This past week has been busy with one thing or another. Madison is just so precious! She is starting to talk, she loves to dance and play dress up and have tea parties. Madison loves Gramma's tea, LOL when we were having our tea she would say 'hot, hot' but once it cooled down and I gave her a sip, she'd drink half my cup, LOL! She loves to play outside pulling the wagon, kicking a ball and picking flowers. She's a good eater as well as a good sleeper. Like most little ones she loves Tree House too. She adores watching the birds outside our kitchen window and can't wait til her Papa comes home from work! At the end of the day we have bath time and I get soaked, LOL! It’s just my dream come true to have a darling granddaughter like Madison. And because we had such a fun time I took a lot of photos, LOL!
Madison loves her shiny pink hat
and her purse
she is starting to like her picture being taken
she likes playing with legos
in her pretty yellow rose dress

she put her 'nummy's' in her purse
rocking in Papa's chair with her bears
in her pretty pink dress
all smiles
wearing Gramma's pink shoes
mixing up some 'nummy's' for her baby doll
reading her monster book
wearing Gramma's red shoes, LOL
playing outside
that's a big wagon
picking 'blowy' flowers

tea time!

1 for Madison and 1 for Gramma
Madison loves her tea

all bathed and ready for bed


Myrna said...

Adorable, simply adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

She is getting so big! And how cute she is wearing Gramma's shoes!

Donna said...

Totally cute! I bet Madison can't wait to come visit with you. She adorable and I bet she keeps you hopping when she's there. Never a dull moment. I know you treasure those times. Enjoy!

Bev T. said...

She is so cute and growing so fast!!!