Friday, July 9, 2010

my birthday celebration

It was my birthday on Wed July 7th. Hubby and I went to Steveston Village for the afternoon. The sun was out, it was 38 degrees but there was a great breeze so the heat didn't overwhelm us. We walked along the boardwalk, went down to see the fishing boats and all the fressh fish and seafood available to buy. We had lunch at the Charter House.....a bit too expensive for what we had and not very tastey either, LOL! Anyways we visited some of the great shops bought a few things and ate ice cream!
on the boardwalk with all of the boats behind me
in a shop trying on birthday candle sunglassess, oh so cute, LOL!
hubby with his on, LOL!
can you see the whale?
here's a wooden moose dressed as a mountie
heading down for an ice cream cone. I had a licorice ice cream cone, hubby had a rootbeer float ice cream cone, yummmmm

After spending the day in Steveston hubby took me out for dinner at The Coquitlam Grill, one of our favorite restaurants. We met up with some of our friends and had a lovely evening.
they served me a strawberry cheesecake while everyone sang Happy Birthday! the cheesecake is awesome, yummmmm
here's a shot of all of us

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Lilacanglia said...

Sure looks like you enjoyed yourself,
I bet it was nice to be able to walk and do it all, those glasses made me giggle,
and the flavours of your ice creams, we are very tame with things like that over here, but that cheesecake looked scrummy,