Thursday, September 2, 2010

A quick update on the kids

Well I haven’t made any cards for the last few days. We’ve had a couple of our grandchildren come to stay for a few days. A couple of weeks ago our darling 22 month old granddaughter Madison came for 4 days. Then the following week our sweet 7 almost 8 year old Thomas came for 4 days. After that we travelled up north (to Chase & Lac le Jeune) to visit my sister and go to my great nephew Adams’ first birthday. The following are some photos we took...
baby Adam turns 1 (my great nephew)
Adam enjoying his birthday cake
grandson's Thomas (almost 8) and Alex 10 in the pool at our house
the boys had alot of fun in the pool
I bought Madison (22 months) some earrings, bracelet and beaded necklace. Her she is trying them on, LOL
Madison wants to take a peek in the mirror to see what she looks like
here's Madison eating some mini peanut butter krispie delights
another great photo of Madison out on our patio enjoying some nummies (toddlers peach flavor puffies)
I have no idea what Madison is looking at but I thought she looked so sweet in her purple dotted dress I just had to take a pic
Madison is talking and touching the weeds on the grass, LOL!

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Lilacanglia said...

Its great to see them all having fun at yours,