Sunday, October 24, 2010

Celebrating Madison's 2nd Birthday

Madison has turned 2! Where have the last 2 years gone? They've gone by too fast for me. We had a family gathering to celebrate her birthday. At first she didn’t really know what was going on! Everyone was picking her up and saying Happy Birthday and how old are you now, LOL! But once she started opening her presents.....well she thought that was pretty neat. And when her Barbie Doll birthday cake came out she knew it was all about her, LOL! Here are just a few photos I took.
Princess Madison, not too sure what's going on, LOL!
Barbie Doll cake
blowing out her candles
wearing one of her ballerina skirts
giving me a sweet hug
a hug for Papa Ted too!
having a chat with us
Madison and Kassandra
opening her gifts
all for Madison!
giving Uncle Matt her blankie

1 comment:

Lilacanglia said...

Oh My she such a sweety and growing so fast,
glad to see you all enjoyed the day xx