Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween at the kids

On Halloween we went out to the kids place to see what Madison and her siblings would be this year. Madison was a reall cute unicorn! Below are some pics I took.
I love this one, Madison looks just so sweet
her she's hugging mousy
mommy's putting on her costume
ta da, LOL!
just chilling out
looking at all the pumpkins, the little one is her's
grandson Sebastian
laying on the grave!
the front porch
another grave


Meda said...

Love that green mous! I used to have a dog that color.

Lilacanglia said...

wow they all look fantastic,
wish we did halloween more like that here,
looks like they had fun,

Donna said...

Oh my! What adorable costumes. Madison is a cutie! And I love Kassandra's costume. Very ornate. The graves are a really nice touch. There was a guy who used to put a coffin out in his yard and on Halloween night he'd get into it and open the lid when the kids would come up the walk. I think some of those kids must have gone home with wet pants. LOL! Have a great weekend, girl friend!

lady Anne Howard said...

Oh what brilliant pictures, Love Kassandra's dress too, I think Madison is such a sweetheart, she won my heart a while back from the first picture I saw lol...
Love ~ Lady Anne xx