Monday, April 4, 2011

Our visit with our grandchildren

We hadn’t seen our grandkids for eons and were so pleased that they were able to come and stay with us for a few days. We picked the kids up at their Nana’s on Monday afternoon and spent the rest of the week making lots of cards and watching tons of movies, LOL! What a lovely way to spend a week with our grandkids! Below are some photos we took. Kaylie (14) & Colton (11) on our porch
in a tree close to where we live
Kaylie striking a pose!
Colton in the tree
gramm and Colton
making cards
easter card made by Colton
easter card made by Kaylie
easter card made by Colton
birthday card for Papa, made by Colton
birthday card for Papa, made by Kaylie


lady Anne Howard said...

What a happy bunch of folk Valerie, I love seeing your family, they all look so together...
I love all the cards they have made, looks like they are taking after Grandma...
Love ~ Lady Anne xx

Anonymous said...

Such lovely photos Val- looks like you had a great week. Some card making competition there too! xx