Thursday, September 29, 2011

summer update

Wow I cannot believe that it’s been since June that I was last here!
Our summer has had a lot of ups and downs. My darling hubby had a kidney stone that saw us in and out of the emergency room for weeks. They finally decided that it was too big to pass, so he was booked to have it sonic blasted…..unfortunately that didn’t work, it just sent it back up into his kidney. So it took a few more trips to the E.R. until they finally decided to operate, which is a story in itself!

Anyways, he is doing much better now and is back to work.

After all that was done, my dad was taken to emergency with a bowel obstruction. He had stopped eating and drinking, was in a lot of pain and had lost a lot of weight. He was in the hospital for about a week before he regained some of his strength and was feeling somewhat better….he’s now back home and enjoying life.

We had our 2 grandsons for a week in August. It was wonderful to have them. The weather was good and they were able to play outside a lot. Their Papa bought a paper airplane book and they spent a lot of time making paper airplanes.

Our Madison will be 3 next month (where did the time go!). She’s growing like a weed and is a real sweetie. We were just at their house for lunch and Madison & I had fun painting our nails.

I didn’t make too many cards of the summer but in the past week I’ve been making lots of them. I’ll post them as well as some photos of our life later on.

That’s it for now! I hope everyone had a great summer and did all the things that made you happy. Bye for now

Hugs, Valerie

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