Sunday, September 2, 2012

time to update

It's been since the middle of last month since I've been here.
Alot has happened in the past few weeks. Some good, some
Here's some good stuff first. We travelled up to Chase to see
my sister Sher, her daughter Kim and Kim's boys Elias & Adam.
It was Adam's 3rd birthday on Aug 27th and because we wouldn't
be able to travel up then, we decided to spend a few days earlier
in the month.
So up we go and the weather is absolutely unbearable! It was 39C
during the day and the night was around 32-34C. Our  visit was really
nice but the heat wasn't.
Adam and Elias are train crazy guys. So for Adam's birthday card
I made one with a train. I found this fabulous train stamp at
Walmart for under $5.00.....a great deal! Here's a picture of it.

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