Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Card for Aidan

In this card group I belong to on Facebook there's a lady whose son is have brain surgery today. He's only 16 years old! That's just so sad. I am such a lucky lady in that I've never had to experience anything like what she must be going through. Both my sons are healthy as are my grandchildren .... "there for the Grace of God goes I".
In our group we have the wonderful opportunity to be able to send a card if we wish, all we need to do is ask for her address. So of course I wanted to send him one. I also wanted to make and send her a Thinking of You card because she must just be beside herself with worry.
I think the young man will get a lot of Get Well wishes, here is mine.

he enjoys fishing

this is for his mom

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Rosie Guiher said...

Love the card Valerie. He is going to love it. Love the one to his mom also.