Wednesday, June 4, 2014

some health news

Last Sept my darling hubby had another kidney stone, poor thing :( He was in and out of the hospital a number of times and in the course of this it was discovered that he has Non- Hodgkins Lymphma in his bowels :(
Fortunately it wasn't in his bone marrow :) so that was wonderful news and the type of cancer he has is very treatable.
He started his chemo treatments the first week of February and goes every 4 weeks. Today was his 5th treatment, he has only 1 more left.
In March he had an ultra sound done to see if he still had the kidney stone, good news, he doesn't :) along with finding that out, he also found out that the lymph node that's affected is shrinking, yahoo!
It's been a long year so far and we haven't done much but we're getting there. We usually start our BBQ season off with Mother's Day but this year we went out to Mark and Rachel's and spent the day there. We're going to have the family come for lunch here to celebrate Father's Day.
So although it's been a rough beginning I'm looking forward to having a great summer, having my darling hubby out in our yard soaking up the sun after his chemo treatments are over and being on the road to healthy health again :) and just going on our merry old way together, growing old...that sort of thing, LOL! Just really happy to have him around, ya know.

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