Thursday, March 11, 2010

Madison comes for a visit at Gramma's and Papa's

hi everyone,
Well the last few days just flew by! We had Madison from Monday to Wed afternoon. Now that she’s not here it’s really quite, LOL! She’s almost 17 months and just growing so tall, she eats really well and says her please and thank you’s, it’s just so sweet. Our next door neighbour has a bird feeder and lots of birds, so we did alot of looking out the kitchen window bird watching. She just loves birds! My goodness, she just squeals with delight, it’s wonderful to watch her. I took more video of Madison this time, so have fewer pictures to post, but did take some photos.
Thanks to all who wished us joy while having our visit with our lovely granddaughter.
Hugs, Valerie
Madison loves to color
she likes pink
and purple too
Madison loves her bath
she really liked rocking in Papa's big old arm chair!

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